Experience Matters

We were one of the first company that came up with a product to divert the solar surplus to an immersion heater. SolarImmersion is the latest development in this series of products. Find below more our previous versions, Mark I and Mark II version of SolarImmersion.

Mark I : Introduced in 2011, Mark I was able to monitor only the power generated by the solar inverter. It turned on an immersion heater with the production crosses a set level. It was not able to monitor house load and was not a proportional controller.

Mark II: Introduced in 2012, Mark II was able to monitor the house load to make more intelligent decision when to turn on the load. It was not a proportional controller.

Mark III – SolarImmersion : Introduced in 2013, SolarImmersion is microprocessor controlled highly advanced proportional control unit that can monitor the production and house load to make intelligent energy management decisions.

Mark IV – SolarImmersion : Introduced in 2015, SolarImmersion Mark IV is a redesigned and improved version from Mark III with a sleek look.

Why hardwired is better than wireless ?

Wireless sensor units are bit easier for the electricians to install, but it requires constant monitoring to make sure it’s functioning properly. Due to the constant communications between the wireless sensor unit and the controller, the batteries needs to replaced frequently. If the battery fails, the unit will stop functioning. Adding to this is the cost associated with replacing the batteries constantly and contributing to the landfill – which is not that green!

SolarImmersion is a hardwired, fit and forget unit – will work silently year after year without any additional cost.

SolarImmersion – Performance vs Warranty

SolarImmersion is not here to cheat customers with conditions hidden in tiny prints. Hence 1 year straight forward return to base replacement warranty comes along with it. To read more, click here

Factory Pictures

Difference SolarImmersion Makes to Solar Surplus Export

solar immersion comparison