Water Heating

SolarImmersion will automatically detect and proportionally divert the surplus power from solar panels to an immersion heater to heat water.

Underfloor Heating

SolarImmersion could automatically turns on the electric underfloor heating and make it work with self generated surplus power.

Off-grid Applications

Performing as an energy manager to automate the needs and necessities of an off-grid installation is unique among the applications of solarimmersion.

Swimming Pool Heating

As SolarImmersion could work even on cloudy days, it could be used as a solar powered swimming pool heater by connecting the pool heater directly to the unit.

Battery Charging

Store the solar power in heavy duty batteries for future use. Using the relay function, the intelligent SolarImmersion could automatically turn on a battery charger when enough surplus power is detected – Contact Technical Support for additional relay wiring instructions.

Fan Heaters

The relay option in SolarImmersion could be used to drive inductive load and proportional controller could be used to drive the heater in situations where a fan heater is required.