SolarImmersion uses a clip-on sensor on the incoming service grid lines. The clip-on sensor can be attached anywhere before the consumer unit.From the clip-on sensor, the intelligent SolarImmersion unit gets accurate information required to compute whether the power is imported or exported. Once the unit detects that the power is exported, it calculates how much is being exported and diverts the power to the immersion heater, to keep the exported power as near to zero as possible.

Installation of SolarImmersion
If the in-house load increases e.g. when a kettle, washing machine or dishwasher is used, it will reduce the power diverted to the immersion, ensuring only the excess power is used. When the in-house usage decreases, even if only by a few watts, SolarImmersion will automatically increase the power to the immersion heater to use all the available surplus, rather than the excess going back to the grid.

This proportional control technology makes the SolarImmersion a highly efficient solar energy manager. It diverts even small amounts of excess solar power to be saved as hot water and avoid the wastage as export power. This advanced switching technology enables the SolarImmersion to work efficiently with solar PV, wind or hydro micro-generation systems rated from 500W to 4kW and more. The unit also includes the boost function and manual override facility to give you full control over how the immersion is managed.

Wiring Details SolarImmersion

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