myths of solar pv

Solar PV is catching up as an alternate energy initiative across the globe. Although certain disbeliefs are making people to linger before investing in one.

Solar PV affects the roof appeal – Solar PVs, made of silicon and with a natural grey tint have a unique luster that does not wear away. Houses with ample roof spacing especially towards the South give room more yield from solar installations.  PV Installations on roofs sloped towards South-East and South-West generate a good amount of energy as well.

Difficult to maintain – Solar PVs are free of moving parts which means almost no maintenance. All that needs to be done is simple dusting once in a while, besides they get cleaned up naturally by rain. They can easily last for up to 20 years or more with minimal maintenance and the inverter is likely to last until 10 years.

Less energy turnover – It is obvious that Solar PVs generate more energy during the day and during sunny weather. Yet this does not imply that they are not purposeful when there is no sunlight. During night the surplus energy collected by the PVs in the daytime can get exported to the grid or be used for electrical loads. There is also a belief that PVs do not yield enough or work during winter and monsoon. Solar PVs can generate power using the sun’s radiation even during cloudy or slightly rainy weather.

Long payback period – Solar PVs fetch its owner good returns by way of FIT or Feed In Tariffs. Further, when they generate surplus there is another added option- to use it to run other appliances such as immersion tank. With advancement in technology and production they have become much cheaper along with their installation charges. With accessories like SolarImmersion, they yield 25 percent more Returns On Investment.

Limited efficiency – The energy generated by Solar PVs never go as waste. They may either be exported to the grid for FIT payouts or be diverted to appliances or to heat water in an immersion tank with devices like SolarImmersion ( As they are free of movable parts and hence the maintenance, their expected life and yield are certainly high.